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Exclusive guides for working in the top oil and gas cities in the world! Compiled and written just for you, the Oil, Gas and Energy worker. Covering all the need to know items and topics such as: what you need to know before you go, cost of living, safety issues and so much more.

Each of these guides focuses on a specific region and provides details on required documentation and how to apply for the job that is right for you!

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Mexico Jobs!

How do I find a Mexico job

using the USEPEC Career Center?

The USEPEC Career Center is designed to be an easy-to-use and secure tool for finding employment opportunities. The first thing you need to do (if you have not done so already) is setup a membership by clicking the link “become a member”. Next, along with your membership confirmation you should receive the link to create your “Job Seeker” account, click the "Post Your Resume" link on the jobs homepage (or in the left hand navigation) and follow the steps. Once your resume is posted, industry recruiters will be able to find it in the database and contact you directly about positions for which you may be qualified.

How much does it cost to use the USEPEC Career Center?
The USEPEC Career Center is a free service for all members who are oil and gas industry job candidates (excluding recruiters and others as noted in agreement). It is always free to post your resume, search through jobs and to contact prospective employers.

Who uses the USEPEC Career Center?
As a leading oil and gas industry publisher and job site our members and general website visitors represent all industry sectors and originate from all over the world. As a result USEPEC, with its global reach, attracts high quality industry-specific traffic and job positions from the top caliber oil and gas corporations and recruitment firms.

What types of jobs are available through the USEPEC Career Center?
The number of jobs and specific positions varies from day to day based on the current employment needs of the employers using the site. In general, only positions for the oil and gas industry or related support position are posted in the Career Center. USEPEC specializes in hard-to-find industry positions such as offshore drilling rig jobs, marine construction positions, and related engineering positions such as subsea engineering and seismic analysis. In addition, our job categories include industry support positions in areas such as: legal, marketing, executive management, information technology, medical, etc. Essentially, if you work in the oil and gas industry or are interested in moving into this high growth sector, the USEPEC Career Center has the positions you are looking for.

How do I post my resume?
Posting your resume is a quick and simple process.

From the USEPEC Career Center menu, click “Post Your Resume”. If you are already a member you will be requested to “Sign In”. If you are a new member, you will need to create your membership by clicking “Create An Account”.

You will then be given the option to upload a .pdf, .doc or .docx version of your resume. We will automatically create and populate your profile using your resume.

Mexico Jobs!

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  • What you need to know before you go
  • What the recruiters won't tell you
  • Required documentation for applying for a job
  • Local Customs and Practices
  • Medical Guidelines

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  • Medical Guidelines
  • Cost of Living
  • Safety Issues
  • Helpful Hints for living and working
  • Required documents
  • Currencies

How to secure the right job for you!


Top Oil & Gas Cities in the World!

Exclusive guides for working in the

top oil and gas cities in the world! 

Unlimited custom Internship Alerts! Instant notifications of internships as soon as they are available, allowing our members to act fast!

Offshore Companies and Contractors for Oil Jobs:

    Atwood Oceanics, Inc.
    Dolphin Drilling
    Diamond Offshore
    Maersk Contractors
    Metzke Engineering
    Noble Corporation
    Pride International
    Smedvig ASA
    Transocean Offshore

Recruiting Companies for Offshore Work:

    Lasso Energy
    NES Global
    Omega Resources
    Prodrill Engineering

Jobs at Major Oil Companies in the United States:

    ENSCO International
    Exxon Mobil
    Hess Corporation
    Marathon Oil
    Shell Oil

 Exclusive guide for working in Mexico

Top Oil & Gas Cities in the World!