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USEPEC is not affiliated with any other agency, government body or market participant.

Submit the information required below. Upon review of your pre-application and determination of your organizations qualifications and eligibility, an application number will be assigned to you and further details will be provided to you by a US EPEC representative.

Upon review of your application US EPEC will request a copy of your independent audit of your EMS as well as your annual performance report.

US EPEC Environmental Stewardship Program

EMS Quick Pre-Application

One of the three eligibility requirements of US EPEC ESP (USESP) requires members to have a fully implemented environmental management system (EMS) and commitment to maintaining it. If your EMS includes the following elements, then your EMS meets requirements for ESP membership.

When do I submit an

Annual Performance Report?

As a component of membership in the US EPEC Environmental Stewardship Program, each member facility completes an ESP Annual Performance Report in which it demonstrates to the US EPEC and the public its environmental accomplishments over the year, its continued high level of environmental performance, and its maintenance of the Environmental Stewardship Program membership criteria. The ESP Annual Performance Report must be submitted to the US EPEC by April 1st for each calendar year in which the entity has been a member for at least three (3) full months. The Annual Performance Report includes the following:

  • ·    A summary of the facility's EMS assessment activities and progress towards meeting EMS objectives and targets, including brief descriptions of audits conducted and improvements made.
  • ·    A brief report on progress made in meeting the facility's environmental performance goals.
  • ·    A summary of the facility's public outreach activities.
  • ·    A self-certification that the facility continues to meet the Environmental Stewardship Program criteria for membership.

Please do not include any confidential business information in your ESP Annual Performance Report. Please keep in mind that the US EPEC may make the report publicly available, including posting all portions of your report on the US EPEC web site.

If your company looks for opportunities to continuously improve, reduce waste and improve efficiency, reducing your footprint on our environment, then you may

be an Environmental Steward.

   What is the Environmental

   Stewardship Program?

The US EPEC Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) is a voluntary, performance based leadership program designed to recognize and reward US regulated entities for going above and beyond current State and Federal environmental regulations. In return for their exemplary environmental performance, these establishments will often receive program incentives including regulatory flexibility, public recognition, and networking opportunities.
ESP focuses on improving our environment and business climate through innovation and efficient resource allocation. Participating organizations achieve environmental objectives through creating and implementing an environmental management system (EMS). Together, the EMS and the steward's commitment to continual environmental improvement will increase their efficiency, decrease environmental impacts, and may save the business time, money, and resources. Regulatory flexibility incentives often earned by members offer the added benefit of providing business value, reducing regulatory oversight, allows a shift in resources from compliance driven to achieving results, and provide the member with increased operational flexibility.

Is my organization eligible?

Any regulated entity in the US may apply regardless of type, size, or complexity. To qualify for the US EPEC Environmental Stewardship Program, applicants must demonstrate that they have:

  • ·    A standard of environmental compliance
  • ·    Implemented and will maintain an environmental management system (EMS); and
  • ·    Committed to continuous environmental improvement.

USEPEC Environmental Stewardship Program.